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Hi, Anne here. Or you can call me Annabelle or Annie or Annatha. My wife calls me Anneberger, or "Berg" for short. Sometimes it gets extended to Anneberger "Billmaster" Mathpants, because she likes to make people wonder about her sanity.

My wife is T, and yes, I (any most other people) do call her "T" in real life, that isn't an Internet name. We've been living together since June of 2006, and married since October 25th, 2008. We live in Chicago with our three cats, who are either adorable and lovely or one broken glass away from being made into pairs of fuzzy gloves, depending on the day. (Note to animal lovers: I would never actually make the cats into gloves. They would make much better hats or scarves.)

In my spare time I bake, hang out with my wife, watch sports on TV (baseball and football, and soccer when the wife makes me), bake, watch entirely too many crime drama type shows/history channel/discovery channel specials, subscribe to and read six magazines, read a ton of books, and bake. Did I mention that I bake?

Besides blogging at I tweet everything of interest (and a lot of boring things) at

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